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Dear Investor, Do you have the money and don’t know what to invest in?

You can make hundreds of pounds in property. In this age the property prices grow the fastest. We are looking for an investor to building 2 new houses in England.

We build passive houses with the most advanced technology. We can also design other houses or make the design you have to a passive house.

You need to invest around £500,000 to build one passive house. The price depends of the price of the land and place where the house will be built. We build the house from the design up to handing over the keys to you. You can see below the description of the house. (Price £500,000 depends of the price of land and is based on the houses you can see on the website).

The asking price for the house is minimum £700,000. This is how much we want to get for the sale of this house. Investor can buy the house and sell it with the profit. The funds for building of the house will be paid in stages. We will provide the schedule of payments and works to investor. We will make sure the investor will be paid back first after we’ll sell the house. Return of the original investment plus £150,000. The remaining balance will be transferred to our bank account. If the land will be more expensive then the house price will be higher.

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Are you looking a house to buy
or you have a land outside of London?

Our company has got a proposal for you!

Before you will make a decision check what you can offer you!

When you buy a used house you need to take into account you will pay more and you will have to refurbish the house.


Our company will build your dream house! Energy efficient house where the kitchen will be done up to your specification. We will also design the bathrooms up to your requirements.

Our company has got a proposal for you!


We can offer you a house with underfloor heating on the ground floor and radiators on the first floor so you can turn them off any time.

The heating will be run by the heat pump. Also the heat pump will supply the hot water. The hot water will have additional electric heating.


The foundations of the house will be built energy efficient method. The floor in the ground floor will be insulated with additional 20cm Styrofoam.


The walls of the house will be built from energy efficient blocks Yton. They will be glued with an energy efficient adhesive.


The roof will be insulated from inside with cellulose wool. You can read more about it on our website.


Windows, balcony doors and outside doors will be passive triple glazed. Internal doors will be fire resistant in white colour. 


In our doors the door frames will be the width of the wall. The floor in the ground floor in the kitchen will be tiled and the rest of the floors will be wooden.  


The bathrooms will be made as you specify.


On the first floor there will also be wooden floorings, unless the client wishes to have carpets.


At the back of the house there will be a balcony 10m2 size covered with the balcony wood.


The guttering and downpipes will be made of metal.


In the garden there will be a containers underground for 10k litres of rainwater. There will be a pump in the container to pump the water on the grass.

Garden at the back covered with a grass. 


System fence around the house. 


In the front of the house there will be a drive covered with paving. The size of the paving will be chosen by customer.


There will be a front gate outside of the house with the post box and a gate with an entry phone. 

Next to the gate there will be a box for rubbish bins.


The fence will be made of aluminium, welded and not screwed, in a colour chosen by a customer. 

House will include:

Ground floor: 

  • Kitchen with a living room 40m2 
  • Hallway 
  • Toiler 
  • Bedroom with en-suite bathroom or an office with kitchen annexe and a toilet. 
  • Utility room 

First floor: 

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms or 3 bathrooms depending of the client’s choice
  • The area of the house is 162m2.

If you are interested in our offer, let us know!

We will prepare the quote for you!


Below you can see the house we have built in Poland. In the house without the heating where the temperature outside is -30C and the water is not freezing. The house is our design.





Here are PDF files that you can look at in order to understand we are working with cam materials

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